Ft. Lauderdale Lawyer Gary Ostrow: Representing the Rights of The Accused for Over 30 Years

Gary Ostrow Has Tried OVER 500 Cases

Represented former elite superstar NFL rushing leader Ricky Williams in his dirty urine dispute with the NFL

Served as a judge AND a coach for Nova Law Students National Trial Advocacy competition including Moot Court and opening statement, jury selection, direct and cross examination, objections, and closing argument

Lectured at the police academy about the art of cross-examination

Hired to travel out of state (LA and New York) to defend high profile defendants for DUI jury trials

Handles claims against Law Enforcement for Civil Rights violation in federal civil suits

Active amongst animal rights activists in preventing the state of Florida from permitting another immoral bear hunt as they did two years ago once the 20-year memorandum was lifted

What Our Clients are Saying

“Gary is an amazing attorney to have on your side of the courtroom! He was very aggressive with my case and ensured that he did everything in his power to get the job done. Great communication and fast acting! Highly recommend! I have already referred my friends to him.”
Lauren Netzel
“The Very Best Lawyer in Ft Lauderdale, A complete calculated defense in the courtroom that does his homework for both criminal and divorce. His partner Craig is amazing as well and very well spoken with their experience and knowledge of Florida law you can not go wrong with this firm.”
Neal C. Netherwood Sr.
“I just wanted to thank you for everything you have done for me because I should of got 5 year’s for a trafficking charge but instead I got 28 days in rehab & 3 years probation which showed that Gary isn’t just a great Lawyer he also cares about his clients. Thank you for saving my life I owe you my life.”
Tommy Ol
“Gary Ostrow PA is the best criminal attorney in state and federal cases I know. He is very hands on and always available when you need him. I highly recommend him… Helped me incredibly.”
Rodd Marcus



- Practice Areas -

Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal Defense Attorney Gary S. Ostrow has unparalleled criminal trial experience and has achieved much success (...)

Sex Crimes Defense

Experienced sexual assault and child sex offense lawyer.

Violent Crimes Defense

If you are being investigated or arrested for committing a violent crime, seek an experienced criminal lawyer.

DUI Defense

Protect your driving privileges, criminal record, and freedom. Get a DUI lawyer that has exceptional experience!

Civil Rights Cases

Have you been a victim of police brutality, false arrest, or excessive force? You may have a case!

Domestic Violence Defense

You may be able to have your charges dropped, avoid jail time, or receive an alternative such as counseling or (...)

Drug Crimes

If you have been charged with a drug crime, you need the assistance of an informed and aggressive attorney.

Traffic Ticket Defense

We advise people never to pay their tickets. You don’t have to pay the ticket or go to court.

Murder Defense

If you've been arrested or indicted or are under investigation for murder or homicide, it is extremely important (...)

Gary ostrow handles even the most difficult cases

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