Choosing between a public defender and a criminal defense lawyer

Some of the beauties of American Law are the options we have for fair trial. You have the option to plead guilty or not guilty. You have the option to choose between public defenders and private Criminal Defense Lawyers. The key is to know the differences between the two so that you can feel confident in your representation in the court room.

Things to Consider When Choosing Between a Public Defender and Criminal Defense Attorney


Criminal Defense Lawyers and public defenders must go through the same type of schooling. Public defenders are considered to be full-fledged attorneys due to the fact that they must have earned a Law school degree, a J.D and/or passed their bar exam just as Criminal Defense Lawyers must.


When choosing your defense, you must think about your attorney’s workload. Although public defenders and Criminal Defense Attorneys may have the same education, the workload is usually vastly different. Public defenders are government employees meaning that they usually have a lot on their plate and are grossly underpaid. This could be an area of concern to a defendant. Criminal Defense Attorneys typically have less on their plate and are being paid more therefore can allow more time to your specific case.


Having someone who is invested in seeing a positive outcome is imperative when deciding between public defender and Criminal Defense Attorney. Criminal Defense Lawyers take the time to get to know their clients and decided whether or not they would like to take the defendant on as a client. This is simply not the case for public defendants. A public defendant could have dozens of cases on his plate at once and moves on the the next case, unfazed, whether they win the case for the defendant or not.


Being able to get a hold of your attorney during trying times can arguably be one of the most important criteria for choosing the right attorney. Criminal Defense Attorneys are almost always more available to you. This is simply because public defenders, although not less dedicated, are almost always overworked. With so cases to compose, it can be incredibly difficult to get a hold of your public defender in a time of need. Criminal Defense Lawyers usually set a cap to the number of clients they take on at one time so that each client can communicate with then whenever they need.


Only a privately selected individual will rely on reviews and word of mouth for continued business. Public defenders are not privately selected and therefore, although they may invest the time and energy into a defendant’s case, if the case is lost, this will not ultimately ruin their reputation. Criminal Defense Lawyers depend heavily on word of mouth for their business to succeed. Wanting a positive review serves as an added layer of motivation for Criminal Defense Attorneys.

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